Thursday, July 28, 2011

Grapevine Lego Discovery Center

Dane is Lego crazy! No two ways about it! So, part of Grapevine mini vaca was a planned visit to the new Lego Discovery Center just for Dane. What a great place!!!!

Clark, Ed, and Mason opted out of the Lego Discovery Center, instead choosing to walk the mega-humungous mall. Dane and I happily took ourselves off to play in Lego heaven! The website says to plan to stay for an hour to an hour and a half. Pbbssst! Try 3+ hours! And if we hadn't been starving for a real meal, we would have stayed till they turned the lights out!

Be ready, there are a TON of pics! What can I say? I love Lego's too, and I love the joy they bring my boy!

Just inside the center, everyone is ushered into the "Lego Factory" room that shows the steps to making Lego's. The brief presentation is done playfully and with "machines" that are made out of Lego's themselves!
After that presentation, everyone is ushered into a line for the ride, "Kingdom's Quest." Because I was on the ride, I didn't get any pictures. The gist is that you ride in a car that drives you from room to room while you shoot spiders, skeletons, ogres, etc for points. It is a pretty short ride but fun, nonetheless.

After the ride, you are turned loose into the Discovery Center itself. The first section that Dane chose was the Lego City Play Zone. It is a big play center in the middle of the space. Kids can crawl, climb, build, and go wild while parents sit on the benches.

Our next stop was in "Miniland." It is all about Dallas/Ft Worth- all made out of Lego's! Some displays were interactive. All displays were super cool!

From there we moved over to the "Lego Racers- Build and Test Zone." Dane got to do some Lego vehicle building and testing of his own creations.

We got in line for the "Merlin's Apprentice" ride. This ride goes around in a big circle but Dane had to peddle his car to get it to go up.

At that point we decided to catch a 4-D movie. We were lucky enough to catch the showing of the "Bob the Builder" movie and the "Lego City Adventure" movie! 4-D is really fun!

Finally, it was time to leave. Dane wanted to try to ride this Lego motorcycle home! No such luck!

To leave the Lego Discovery Center, you exit through the Lego gift shop! How convenient for the Lego crazy boy! He bought a set of characters from the new Lego alien space set and a surprise mini pack.

One last parting shot!
It is true, we all love Lego's!

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