Monday, July 4, 2011

Central Texas All Star Drumline Camp

In June, for the first time ever, Mr. Bailey held a summer drumline camp called, Central Texas All Star Drumline Camp. Mason was keen to attend and for $75 for 2 weeks, it was a deal! The camp was open to Pflugerville kids who were in percussion, a drumline, or any middle school kid that wanted to try out for drumline next year at Parkcrest.

All last year in drumline, Mason played the bass drum. He enjoyed it and learned it well. For camp, he wanted to stretch his wings and try the snare. He expressed his interest and headed over to the snare section. For a kid who is not in percussion in band, taking on the snare is a big deal!

On Friday of the last week of camp, the kids put on an exposition for the parents to see what they had learned. I went expecting to watch Mason struggle with the snare but that is not at all what I saw! I was blown away by his precision. He didn't miss a step or a beat! He soaked up the snare parts in two weeks and made it his own!

Here are pics from the expo-
Side story- The boy standing to Mason's left is named Andrew. Mason and Andrew ended up next to each other on the snares and the beginning of a friendship developed. What Mason and Andrew didn't know was that Andrew's mother, Barbara and I went to high school together and sang in choir and Madrigals together!! Barbara and I figured it out at the expo! It's a small world after all!

Part of the neat thing about the camp was that collage aged drumline members (The Chopperz) came up from Houston twice to work with the kids. They shared their expertise with the kids and had a good time doing it. They also put on a line expo for the parents. Man, did they put on a show!! They even drummed on an ironing board!! So fun to watch! Here they are-

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