Thursday, July 14, 2011

Benefit Bunco

Back in September, my Bunco group decided to become a "benefit bunco group." That means that the hostess of the month chooses a charity to support. The "wish list" from the charity goes out to the 12 bunco ladies. The night we get together to play bunco, members that choose to participate, bring any donations with them. The hostess delivers the items to the charity the next week.

I hosted July Bunco, and choose Trinity Child Development Center as the charity. (I worked there many long years ago!)

Here is a picture of the collected items (minus 3 bags of gently used books two ladies donated and 2 reams of colored paper from another member that canceled last minute due to illness.)
Not bad, huh? The highlight are the 24 glue sticks, 10 boxes of washable markers, 11 boxes of Kleenex, and 9 boxes of band aides!

When I first emailed Gloria about getting a "wish list" from Trinity CDC she emailed back-
"That is so cool how you all have fun and socialize and AT the same time, remember others. I'm impressed! Thanks!"

After we had bunco, I emailed her the above photo and told her I would be delivering on Monday, she emailed back-
"Wow! What a beautiful sight!!! It's so cool!
What wonderful friends you have -- and so generous!
Go Bunco!"

I think it is cool, too! I am proud to be in a group that helps out charities each month. 12 people together CAN make a difference!

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