Sunday, July 31, 2011

Arlington- Six Flags Over Texas

On Tuesday, of our mini vaca, we went to Six Flags Over Texas, in Arlington, Texas. It was hot, hot, hot! But they have lots of shade and benches. Plus, they still have "Pink Things" all these years later! Being there brought back lots of teen memories for me!

I got these few pics on my cell phone-
Clark and Dane on "Crazy Legs"
Ed and Mason on "Crazy Legs"

The boys and I had "Pink Things!"
They are cherry flavored, frozen, creamy, push up treats.
Dane thought they tasted like cotton candy. I agreed.

We took in an air conditioned show at the "Wild West Saloon."
Clark met a couple of cute show girls!
Dane on the "Rodeo" ride.
He loved it so much it rode it 3 times in a row!

Clark, Mason, and Ed, made it their mission to ride all 9 of the roller coaster in the park. The did it, even riding some of them more than once! They had a great time despite the heat!

On Wednesday we drove home, bringing Cousin Matthew back with us. The teens went from our house to New Braunfels so that they could spend a day at Schlitterbahn on Thursday. They drove home Friday, after a stop at Cabella's for beer battered cheese balls.

On Saturday, I took them all to "Jumpoline Park." It is a new place that has wall to wall trampolines. Talk about jumping fun! Of course, they worked up an appetite! So we all went to a Chinese buffet place in Austin. They totally ate their weight in Chinese food!

I got one cell phone picture of the jumpers.

Cousin Kim and Rick picked up Matthew, on Sunday, on their way to Brenham. It was the shortest summer visit we have had with Matthew but we are happy we got to see him for the time we did!

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