Sunday, July 31, 2011

Arlington- Six Flags Over Texas

On Tuesday, of our mini vaca, we went to Six Flags Over Texas, in Arlington, Texas. It was hot, hot, hot! But they have lots of shade and benches. Plus, they still have "Pink Things" all these years later! Being there brought back lots of teen memories for me!

I got these few pics on my cell phone-
Clark and Dane on "Crazy Legs"
Ed and Mason on "Crazy Legs"

The boys and I had "Pink Things!"
They are cherry flavored, frozen, creamy, push up treats.
Dane thought they tasted like cotton candy. I agreed.

We took in an air conditioned show at the "Wild West Saloon."
Clark met a couple of cute show girls!
Dane on the "Rodeo" ride.
He loved it so much it rode it 3 times in a row!

Clark, Mason, and Ed, made it their mission to ride all 9 of the roller coaster in the park. The did it, even riding some of them more than once! They had a great time despite the heat!

On Wednesday we drove home, bringing Cousin Matthew back with us. The teens went from our house to New Braunfels so that they could spend a day at Schlitterbahn on Thursday. They drove home Friday, after a stop at Cabella's for beer battered cheese balls.

On Saturday, I took them all to "Jumpoline Park." It is a new place that has wall to wall trampolines. Talk about jumping fun! Of course, they worked up an appetite! So we all went to a Chinese buffet place in Austin. They totally ate their weight in Chinese food!

I got one cell phone picture of the jumpers.

Cousin Kim and Rick picked up Matthew, on Sunday, on their way to Brenham. It was the shortest summer visit we have had with Matthew but we are happy we got to see him for the time we did!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Grapevine Rain Forest Cafe & Mall

We are such fans of Rain Forest Cafe! We just had to eat at the one in the Grapevine Mall since we were there anyway!

As we were walking around mall, we came upon the famous Old Navy Mannequins. Do you see anything wrong with this picture? LOL
The Grapevine Mall is huge and has such unusual stores. We really didn't expect to be there all day that Monday, but we were! There is so much to do and see!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Grapevine Lego Discovery Center

Dane is Lego crazy! No two ways about it! So, part of Grapevine mini vaca was a planned visit to the new Lego Discovery Center just for Dane. What a great place!!!!

Clark, Ed, and Mason opted out of the Lego Discovery Center, instead choosing to walk the mega-humungous mall. Dane and I happily took ourselves off to play in Lego heaven! The website says to plan to stay for an hour to an hour and a half. Pbbssst! Try 3+ hours! And if we hadn't been starving for a real meal, we would have stayed till they turned the lights out!

Be ready, there are a TON of pics! What can I say? I love Lego's too, and I love the joy they bring my boy!

Just inside the center, everyone is ushered into the "Lego Factory" room that shows the steps to making Lego's. The brief presentation is done playfully and with "machines" that are made out of Lego's themselves!
After that presentation, everyone is ushered into a line for the ride, "Kingdom's Quest." Because I was on the ride, I didn't get any pictures. The gist is that you ride in a car that drives you from room to room while you shoot spiders, skeletons, ogres, etc for points. It is a pretty short ride but fun, nonetheless.

After the ride, you are turned loose into the Discovery Center itself. The first section that Dane chose was the Lego City Play Zone. It is a big play center in the middle of the space. Kids can crawl, climb, build, and go wild while parents sit on the benches.

Our next stop was in "Miniland." It is all about Dallas/Ft Worth- all made out of Lego's! Some displays were interactive. All displays were super cool!

From there we moved over to the "Lego Racers- Build and Test Zone." Dane got to do some Lego vehicle building and testing of his own creations.

We got in line for the "Merlin's Apprentice" ride. This ride goes around in a big circle but Dane had to peddle his car to get it to go up.

At that point we decided to catch a 4-D movie. We were lucky enough to catch the showing of the "Bob the Builder" movie and the "Lego City Adventure" movie! 4-D is really fun!

Finally, it was time to leave. Dane wanted to try to ride this Lego motorcycle home! No such luck!

To leave the Lego Discovery Center, you exit through the Lego gift shop! How convenient for the Lego crazy boy! He bought a set of characters from the new Lego alien space set and a surprise mini pack.

One last parting shot!
It is true, we all love Lego's!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Grapevine Sea Life Aquarium

We took a long weekend to go go play in Grapevine, Texas. Our first stop was at the Grapevine Mills Mall. We were specifically there to visit the new Sea Life Aquarium and the Lego Discovery Center.

Sea Life Aquarium was disappointing, despite the number of pictures below. For the price, it was just not enough! There were some nice displays and specimens, but over all it was too little. And despite having a reserved time to arrive, it was too crowded and loud to really relax and enjoy the displays. That is some thing they really need to get a handle on otherwise, what is the point of reserving your arrival time?

Anyway, here are some pics.

This is the Sting Ray section. You can look in from the bottom or go up on an over hang to look down (like Mason is doing). There is also a place to look through a bubble into the tank (like Dane is doing).

The guys prepare to go into the Shark tunnel. Sharks swim above, beside, and below you as you walk through the tunnel.
Dane makes it through the tunnel to a
big viewing window for shark watching.
Here it comes!
The boys check out a display for catfish and such.
Ed checks out the sea horse display.
Clark and Dane find a cool place to contemplate fish.
Okay, this picture made me laugh!
We liked it so much I photographed the sales screen AND
bought the photo from them!!
At least we can say we went!!

Monday, July 25, 2011


I can check something crazy off of my "Life's To Do List." Crazy and wild, really! I finally went to a roller derby match!! And I took my entire family along for the adventure!

We went with two other families to the Austin Convention Center to watch the Texecutioners vs. the Denver Roller Dolls.
But first, there was a warm up match between two rec teams,
The Police Officers vs. The Fire Fighters.

Followed by the unusual grouping of an small ensemble to
perform the Star Spangled Banner.
Get ready for this... The MC and cast of characters that entertained the crowd! They were also in charge of getting the crowd to chant, "Texas, Texas, Kill, Kill, Kill!!"
Finally, it was time for the pros to take the rink.
Both teams are nationally ranked team!
I was able to spend some time on the floor taking pictures. I got some decent shots but really, my camera is too slow to get crisp action shots!
The final score was the Texecutioners 117 to the Denver Roller Dolls 135. It was exciting once I figured out how the game was played. Well,..... kind of figured it out. There are penalties and signs that can stop the action before one even knows it is happening. Confusing? Yes! Exciting? Yes! We were all cheering for a big Texas come back!! In the end they didn't get there!

After the match, we went on the rink to get pics of the kids with some of the Texas Roller Girls!

Here is Kennedy with her poster girl, Molotov M. Pale!
Ian get a picture with her too!
Carly, Vanessa, and her cousin posed with Molotov M. Pale, too.

Clark cozies up with Smarty Pants and Luce Bandit!
Several kids posed with another Roller Girl, but I can't remember her name!

It was a fun night! The place was packed! CHECK!