Tuesday, June 14, 2011

KidFish 2011

On Saturday, June 4th, we tried our hand at catching fish during the annual Pflugerville KidFish event.  Every year the City hosts a kid-friendly fishing event at Lake Pflugerville.  This year they even stocked the lake with some big 'uns!

Mason, Dane, and I made a morning of it.  (Clark couldn't go because he had to work!  Oh, the pains of growing up.) 

We picked a spot along the edge of the lake just far enough away from the crowds that we thought we might have a good shot at catching a fish.

Mason got right to it! 

Dane took a decidedly more relaxed approach, taking it easy in his "fishin' chair." 

Pretty quickly, though, he had his attention focused on a twitching bobber!


While it wasn't a lunker, and he caught it by less orthodox means, it was still a catch!  We proudly hauled it up to the measuring table, where this fish checked in at 3.3 inches. 

After an hour or so with just modest nibbles, Mason moved on to the fishing pier a little further down the lake. 

Dane joined him soon after, and we spent the last hour trying to hook one of those irksome bait-stealers!

At the end of the day, we came away with 1 fish (3.3 inches!), three sunburns, but a lot of fun memories!

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