Sunday, May 8, 2011

Stone Hill Cinema Grand Opening

Thanks to Clark being in the HHS Jazz Band, we scored passes to the Stone Hill Cinema's VIP Grand Opening!

Here is the cinema as we were walking up to it.
And here is what the tickets looked like!

While we waited in the line for the doors to open, we were greatly entertained by professional character actors. Check them out! They were really good!
Charlie Chaplin
Captain Jack Sparrow

Pee Wee HermanAustin Powers (Ed's hero!)
Smurtette and Front Row Joe

Inside, we were treated to free popcorn and sodas, and the sweet sounds of the HHS Jazz Band!
Charlie Chaplin took a go at directing the band with his cane!

Captain Jack Sparrow joined in the dancing--
more like a drunken swaggering kind of dance!
Hey, we have all been there! Ha!
Close up of my favorite trombonist!
After the lobby entertainment we were treated to a free movie. All 9 theaters had a differnt movie playing so we split up. Dane and I saw "Rio in 3-D." Ed and Mason went to "Hanna." Clark joined Dane and I about 10 minutes into the movie. What a cute movie!

The Stone Hill Cinema all lit up as we left the fun night!

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