Tuesday, May 17, 2011

HPES Diversity Night 2011

The 4th annual HPES Diversity Night was held on Friday, May 13th. My favorite picture of the night is this close up of Dane in his German outfit! I love this adorable freckled face!
Grandad was able to come set up a table with his musical instruments from around the world. Here he is playing and explaining instruments to folks that stopped at the table. (These were taken at the very beginning of the night. Once it got crowded, I didn't have time to take pictures!)
I ended up helping at the "International Instruments" table the whole time. I signed the "passports" of the kids that stopped by and encouraged them to play on some of the "hands-on" instruments at my end of the table. Our assistant principal said our table was the busiest! Who can resist banging on an African drum or shaking maracas?

Next we went into the cafeteria to watch the cultural performances. Here are pics of each group.
Chinese Drummers
Chinese Dragons and Lions
Chinese Martial Arts
HPES Ballet Folklorico
Round Rock Ballet Folklorico
HPES Step Team
PCMS Drumline
(It's Mason!)
Spanish Flamenco Dancers

After the performances, the HPES children took the stage for the International Fashion Show. This was Dane's big moment! Not only was he dressed in German clothes, he had worked out with Grandad to use his Concertina (an authentic German instrument) as a prop. When Dane got on stage, the MC told him to play it so he did! It was so cute- the whole thing!!
See what I mean? So cute!! And he played the Concertina all the way to the end of the stage! Then, as instructed by Grandad, he snapped the ends of the instrument together before stepping off the stage.

Granlally made his lederhosen 2 years ago. We bought the hat at Ocktoberfest in New Braunfels last Fall. The authentic shirt and socks came from an online store called German Import Haus.

I have one thing to say about Dane--
liebe diesen Jungen!

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