Monday, May 2, 2011

Helicopter Egg Drop

A local Pflugerville church hosted a Helicopter Easter Egg Drop the Saturday before Easter. They boasted 20,000 eggs would be dropped! So we went out to see the spectacle.

It was held out at the Northwest Metro Park in Pflugerville. They had 5 soccer fields roped off for different age groups. When we arrived there were some eggs spread over the soccer fields already. But we were promised that the helicopter would drop on each field for each age group with 5ish minutes between drops.

While we waited for the event to begin, the kids posed with a purple Easter Bunny. They also chowed down on the free hot dogs and drinks the church folk were handing out.
Waiting around......

Shortly after 12:30pm we heard the helicopter!! When it was time for Dane and Kennedy's age group, I was camera ready! Here comes the helicopter!!
The white Easter Bunny gets the kids excited by counting down!
Here come the eggs!

They really were falling from the sky!!!
Mason and Carly's group went about 20 minutes later. Then it was time for the high school group.
Here comes the helicopter!
There goes Clark in the brown t-shirt and shorts.
Clark is on the right side of this next picture.

It was a neat experience and quite the spectacle but I don't think we will go again next year. While there were a lot of eggs, there were also a lot of people. And that isn't so bad in and of itself. The problem is something you can see in the above picture. They had no way to "police" the age groups so there were elementary aged kids on the field for teenagers. We even watched families move from one field to the next so their kids could hunt in each age group. Unfair!

In the end, the kids had fun, thought it was a neat activity, and were glad that they went! That is what counts!

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