Sunday, April 10, 2011

Vegetable Garden, Take 2

Our attempt at a vegetable garden two and a half years ago failed. In our excitement to build the raised bed, we didn't leave drainage. With no drainage, it didn't take long for the vegetable plants to drown. The next year we talked about trying again but never acted on the thought.

This year, Ed decided it was time! He went to work on drainage holes, weeding the bed, turning over the soil, and buying plants, seeds, and weed barrier material. After spending a full day on it, Ed has given us a vegetable garden!

In the raised bed, we have jalapenos, red bell peppers, yellow squash, zucchini, snap peas, cantaloupe, and swiss chard. In giant pots across the back of the fence, he planted 6 Roma tomato plants. In a flower bed off the porch, he planted cilantro and more cantaloupe.

Dane picked up some flower seeds from the nursery. He planted them in some pots on the back porch.

Now we water and wait! Hope we are successful this time! Fingers crossed!


Stephanie T said...

We just built a raised garden for the first time, so what should we do about drainage? We haven't done anything for drainage and we planted seeds and plants.

Lisa said...

Stephanie, the problem was that we lined the whole bed with left over pond lining. We were hoping that would keep the weeds out. It did but at the same time the water had nowhere to go. If you didn't line your bed with plastic, you are fine.

Ed punched holes in the plastic this time to allow the water to get out. Hopefully this will solve the problem for us!