Monday, April 18, 2011

Flying kites

Recently, a couple of my dad friends and I took the kids out to fly kites on a very windy Saturday evening. (The mom friends were all away at their monthly gossip session -- I mean, Bunco game -- to which no men are ever invited.)

Dane's friend Kennedy pulled up with her dad Sharky a few minutes before the moms abandoned us to their chick-fest. Kennedy was sporting a spiffy pink hat that she'd selected specifically to match Dane's. Ahh, a cute couple, no?

Dane and I rode up the street with Sharky and Kennedy to meet Andy and his daughter Dana at the field behind the elementary school. Dane brought 2 "Chinese" kites that Lisa snatch up on sale back in January. We gave a green and yellow Dragon kite to Dana while Dane flew the red Dragon kite. Kennedy brought her own snazzy Barbie kite. Here are some snapshots from that evening.

Just starting out. Dane's red Dragon kite is soars upwards (center, top) just as Dana's kite swoops low, nearly dive bombing into the ground (yellow blur, lower left corner).

Kennedy soon had her Barbie kite flying high.

Sharky and Kennedy (left) caught the wind just right. Dana and Andy recover from a crash landing.

Kennedy twists and turns, contorting to keep her kite aloft by any means possible.

Dane's dragon in full plumage.

Dana gets the wind up under hers and it begins to climb.

About 45 minutes after we started, the kids were bored. The dads took over. Nothing good could come of that, though, and soon enough I tangled my kite with Andy's. They thrashed and swirled around and around as they fell from the sky. How many engineers does it take to untangle 2 kites with 20 foot tails? Just 2, but it takes a really long time.

We eventually got them untangled. A few more minutes of flying, and then we stopped for supper at the local burger joint.

The best part? No moms.


Richard said...

I found this dragon kite 6 years ago lying on the side of the road in our neighborhood. It is exactly like the one in your pictures. It hung in our garage for 6 years until recently (this year March 2014) Huntsville Alabama held a kite day and I decided to try it and see if it would fly. It did not and I could not figure out why. I had tried several different things to get it to fly with absolutely no success what so ever. That is when I saw your picture, and discovered that there are tail on the wings. The kite I found had no wings tails intact, and it always flipped over and nose dived into the ground. It looked as if the Dragon once slightly air born was determined to dive head first immediately every single time. After seeing your picture I attached wings tails and also upon further investigation I also found two previous holes for wing strings I had not noticed before. None of this would have possible without your picture, Thanks! I hope to get a you tube video of it IF it will fly now. So far no windy day yet. March 24 2014.

Lisa said...

Thanks Richard! Glad we could help! Best of luck at getting your dragon to soar. :-)