Saturday, April 30, 2011

Flashlight Egg Hunt

On Friday night, April 22nd, we held a Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt for our boys and our friends. It was an invitation only event! ::wink::

We met up at the back of our elementary school around 8pm. There is a big open field and a big play scape back there. It is a great place for what we were doing.

Each guest brought a dozen filled egg (or more) and a flashlight per kid. The Limbaugh's brought 7 dozen confetti eggs. We also had a "prize table" and eggs that had a slip of paper inside that said, "prize."

After the adults hid the eggs, the kids were divided up by age. We let the littlest hunters get a head start and worked our way up to the oldest teens letting them go a few minutes apart.

The coolest thing was watching the flashlights move around the field!!! Nicki got a COOL picture!!

After all the eggs had been gathered, the kids opened their loot. There was some yummy candy and some neat toys inside. And I am happy to say that the kids that scored the most "prize eggs" shared with the kids that didn't. In the end, every single kiddo got to pick a prize. Love it!

It was soooooo much fun! The teens and the youngest kids all had a blast. I can see this becoming a regular Limbaugh event!

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Stephanie T said...

What a fun tradition to start. Lisa, you are such a fun, creative mom!