Friday, April 15, 2011

Dane at the Bike Rodeo

About a week or so ago, Dane and I went down to check out the Pflugerville Bike Rodeo!  Each year the Pflugerville Police Department conducts a "rodeo" to teach kids about safe bike riding on the streets.  The kids maneuver through an obstacle course of stop signs, cones, sharp turns, tight circles, and figure 8's.  At each obstacle they are judged with regard to proper hand signals, how well they stopped at the line, whether they rode outside the circle, etc.

Here's a summary of this year's event.

Dane gets a pre-inspection checkup.  Premier Cyclery provided free bike servicing.  (They offer a mobile bike repair service in the Pflugeville area, which is kinda cool.)  Dane got his handlebars straightened and his tires pumped up.

Next stop, bicycle registration.  P'ville's very own Police Chief, Chuck Hooker, reads the serial number from Dane's bike for the registration records.

And he's off!  The first obstacle, weaving between the cones.

Next up, proper stopping technique.  Dane gets a high-five from his police reviewer for demonstrating the proper hand signal and stopping correctly at the sign.

Dane whipped through the Figure 8 obstacle.

Next was 3 times around the circle.  Don't get dizzy, Dane!

And he gets another great score for perfect execution.

Just a few more obstacles now.  "Here's whatcha gotta do. ..."

Piece of cake!  Check out the intense focus on his face.

The finish line is in sight!  Great job today, Dane!

"I did it!"  And then he polished off a delicious grilled hot dog and ice-cold soda provided by the Girl Scouts.

Oh, and we saw our favorite P.E. teacher, Coach Isenhower, at the rodeo.  She sat down for a moment's rest during a volunteer break.  She had practiced the bike hand signals with the kids all week in gym class the week before.

Also appearing at the event was the Texas DPS helicopter.  As we were making our rounds at the rodeo, we had to pause (along with all the other participants) while the helicopter took off to return to work.  It blew up a huge storm of dust.  I thought this series of pictures was interesting.

As the helicopter circled the parking lot, it turned on a police siren.  Everyone instantly looked around for the police car!  Ha!  We were getting the "pull over" signal from above.  A little disconcerting.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, concludes our participation in the 2011 Pflugerville Bike Rodeo! 

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