Monday, March 14, 2011

The Twisted Tail of 3 Little Pigs

For the HPES Talent Show this year, I wrote a skit for Dane and his 3 friends called, The Twisted Tail of 3 Little Pigs. It was very funny and performed beautifully by the kids.

Dane was the clever Big Bad Wolf. Lizzie, Kennedy, and Vanessa were the adorable 3 little pigs. The audience laughed in all the right places and the actors had a great time being stars of the stage!

Several people took pictures. Here are some of the best! (Video is to follow!)

Mr. Medina was the MC of the night!
The Straw House
The Twig House
Pizza Delivery!

Fleeing Piggies!
The Brick House
Old McDonald comes a calling!

Throwing the Bad Wolf a bone!

The Pigs celebrate!

The End! Applauso!

My favorite Big Bad Wolf!
Hope you watched the video. It is a cute & funny skit!!

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