Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Milkshake Birthday Cupcakes

For Dane's class birthday treat, I made "Milkshake Cupcakes."

I had seen them on Bakerella and knew instantly that I wanted to make them for the next cupcake requiring event. Dane's birthday was to be that event.

You see, the wrapper is a clear silicone cupcake wrapper that acts as the frosted glass of the milkshake. The vanilla cake acts as the vanilla ice cream. A layer of chocolate ganache acts as the hot fudge. The home made butter cream icing acts as the whip cream. The colored gumball acts as the cherry. (Dane wanted multi-colored cherries, not all red, so we went with that!) The sprinkles are old fashioned jimmies and the paper straw is exactly that- a paper straw. Wa-lla! A milkshake cupcake! Psst- Don't eat the straw!

Aren't they cute and colorful? I can tell you they are delicious too!

Dane was so pleased when he saw them on his birthday afternoon.

So did his classmates! They gobbled them up- with a spoon, of course. Some kids tried with all their might to suck the icing through the straw! Ha! And all I brought home were the empty silicone wrappers.

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