Sunday, March 20, 2011

Magic Party

For Dane's friend birthday party, we hired Gusto the Great, to put on a magic show at our house. We had hired Gusto for Mason's 8th birthday party back in 2005. So when Dane decided on a magic party, we knew just who to call!

The party was held two weekends after his birthday due to Gusto's availability. It was worth the wait!

The day of the party, the boys helped decorate. Dane and Ed did this-
And in the yard, we found that the black flamingos had made their way back to our yard, wearing birthday hats!

As the guests arrived, Clark and Jessica gave them magic tattoos.
Then they were directed outside to play until show time!
Here are some of the kids ready for the show!
Show time! Yay for Gusto the Great!
Ian is the first volunteer up to the stage!
Looks like Gusto found his biggest fan!Then Clark helped with a card trick.

The audience helped with magic vibes sent to the empty black box........
.......that resulted in "Vanilla" the bird appearing!

Dane was the next volunteer. He drew a card...
showed it to the audience....
put on his concentration face to help send mind waves to Gusto.......
and "wham!" the card appeared in a drawing!
Abigail was up next to help Gusto with a rope trick.
Then Dane came back up to add his special "birthday wishing" magic to the trick.
The knot magically fell off! Wow!
There were lots of other tricks in between these that are featured on this post.
The last trick of the show brought "Vanilla" the bird out to say "hi" one last time.

Pop! There she is!

Cake & present time!
Nichole Morris Cakes made the cupcake toppers. Dane and I made the cupcakes and icing. Too cute, right?? Here is a close up of the cupcakes and the birthday boy!

Cupcakes and ice cream! Eat them up, yum!
Dane got really great gifts and homemade cards!
A giant bag of Gummy bears from Jessica! Don't think he will share those!
(And he is wearing a cool hat that Alex gave him!)
The funniest gift of all was the jar of peanut butter from Sarah!
It's a long story! What a great laugh though!
Art supplies!
A group "thank you" and a round of applause!
Whoop! Whoop!
The last activity was the newest Limbaugh tradition. All our guests sign the table. Even Gusto signed it before he left.
What a fun birthday for fun boy!
Quite magical, really!

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