Saturday, March 5, 2011

Duck Adventure

This past Sunday, we and the Cantu clan used our Groupons to take the Austin Duck Adventure.

The vehicle is amphibious, meaning it can drive on land AND in water. This is a side view of the one in which we actually rode.
Immediately upon boarding, each rider receives a duck whistle. Aren't they cute? Aren't we all cute blowing them along to the "Chicken Dance?"

The adventure starts out on 6th street. The witty driver takes you all around downtown talking about the historical buildings and status while cracking jokes. As a person who has lived in Austin her whole life, I even learned some things I didn't know! Here are a few highlights-

After blowing our duck whistles at golfers and people on the streets, we end up at Lake Austin just past the Tom Miller Dam.

We watched while the other Duck came out of the water.

Yay! They made it out safely! Our turn!

There was a nice breeze blowing so it was pleasant to watch the boaters and look at the lavish houses on the water's edge.

We head back to shore, up the ramp, and on to dry land! Whoop! The tour headed back to down town Austin with more jokes and historical information from the driver. Fun guy!

Back on 6th Street we said goodbye to the Cantu's and headed over to Spaghetti Warehouse (just a few blocks over) for Dane's birthday meal.... one day early.

The pictures tell all. They kids really enjoyed their meals.

What a fun day!

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