Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Austin Regional Science Fair

Saturday, 26 Feb 2011: Live from beautiful downtown Austin, it's the 2011 Regional Science Fair!

Contestant Number 1: Dane Limbaugh, 2nd grade, with his amazing science project that measured how much water beans absorb over time. For you cooks out there who have always wondered, now you know: soak your beans 9 hours before cooking. Scientifically proven, no less.

Dane is poised, ready for the engagement. The judges approach. The judges have questions. Mom and Dad wait anxiously ...

And there he goes, answering the tough questions with nary a blink! Dane takes a blue ribbon! First place! Whoo-hoo, Dane! Great job for your first ever go-'round at the Regional Science Fair.

Next up, Contestant Number 2: Our good friend Vanessa Cantu, 4th grade, with a deeply insightful group investigation about the effect of milk fat on freezing rates. Will the judges stump her?

She answers brilliantly! What an amazing performance, Vanessa! You earned a red ribbon for an outstanding project. Congratulations! (And the crowd goes wild!)

Time to take the stage with other second graders to get the glory that comes from being an awesome scientist! Dane mounts the stage with a grin.

And there it is, the smile of success!
And then Vanessa proudly taking her turn on the big stage.

At the after-party, the contestants celebrate with other Highland Park scientists and their mentor, Ms. D'Anna Pynes. Way to go Dane and Vanessa! We are proud of you for doing so well at the 2011 Regional Science Fair!

Ed L.

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