Friday, February 4, 2011

Dusting of Snow

We have had our fingers crossed hoping for a few days of snow. We hoped for a few inches so we could have a good amount in which to play! Sadly, we woke this morning to a light dusting of snow and lots of slippery ice. But it got the kids out of school and Ed out of work so we will happily take it!

Here is a look out the front door first thing this morning.

Bunny prints!

Andy was not happy to go outside in the snow. I had to go on the front porch with him and he still only took at few steps out. Ed ended up getting in proper winter clothes to walk him out in to the middle of the front yard. He barely tinkled then dashed back to the front door.

Back yard photos!
Finally Mason and Dane come charging out. They didn't stay long as the temperature was 23 degrees!!
Dane makes his own bunny tracks!
Crazy boy- he is still in pajamas!

We did what all Texans do in this unusual weather, light a fire and make hot chocolate. Some of us tried to watch a movie snuggled under the blankets but fell back asleep. Others surfed the weather web sites to get up to date info.

Later we gathered for a game of "Yahtzee Free For All." I won- by the stoke of a miracle, as I had been losing to Dane through most of the game!

A few hours later, the sun was out causing the dusting of snow to begin to melt. So, all three boys went back outside to trollop in what snow was left on the play scape. This series of photos crack me up! Such boys!

Happy Snow Day, Ya'll!

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