Thursday, February 10, 2011

Driving Test

Today was a big day for Clark. He took the driver's test to get his license!

We drove out to the Georgetown DPS to avoid the lines at the Austin DPS. It was a good move. It was much faster!

Originally, Clark was going to test in his (new to him) car. But on the way out of Pflugerville, the check engine light came on. Instead of risking it, we went back home and got my van.

Here he is waiting in line for testing.

He is next up! Does he look excited to you? Ha!

He does a beautiful job of parallel parking! Whoop!

And off he goes!

He drives back, parks, gets his results, and exits the car. Guess how he did??

He passed! He passed!!

We went out to lunch at Pepper's Indian Restaurant to celebrate. Then he drove his first solo drive to the dermatologist. From now on he will be getting himself to and from school.

Congratulations, Clark!

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Stephanie T said...

I'm so glad you posted a comment on my blog, so now I can add you to my google reader.
Congratulations Clark! I love that his first solo drive was to the dermatologist! It brought back the joys of being a teen!