Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oldies- Big Boy Bed

I was searching for an old email from my sister-in-law, Myra, when I came across an email I had sent out to her and other family members back on August 9, 2005. That really doesn't seem that long ago until you see the picture I attached.

This is the email in it's entirety-
Dane has moved up to a big boy bed. We weren't planning to take him out of the crib until December - the longer they stay in the crib the better!- but over the weekend he started crawling out of the crib and showing up down stairs when we thought he was still sleeping. Not safe! So we got with the program and on Sunday night he spent his first night in his new big boy bed.

I took this photo today at nap time. He is surrounded by all his sleep things. Those are still very important to the sleep process!!

Also new in Dane's world, he started a "Mom N Tot" gymnastics class this morning. This gym is closer to our home. He has a small class and an energetic coach. It was fun for him. He especially enjoyed jumping on the trampoline and getting dolphin stamps on his hands at the end of class!

We are still working on the potty training. Dane earns stickers for his "Potty Sticker Chart" that hangs on the bathroom wall, every time he uses the potty. But so far he isn't interested in being diaperless or in wearing underwear. We will keep plugging along until he is ready to go solo!

That's the latest in Dane's life.

Look at the young face! My emotions well to the top over this sweet picture! I miss my two year old boy!!

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