Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Wood Floors

Finally! We got the new wood floors we had been planning and talking about for a while now.

We had searched and shopped off and on, never finding the perfect floor. Then Roger Kahlbau, friend and designer extraordinaire, sent us to Pro-Source Showroom. Ed and I walked around carrying our color sample piece with fingers crossed. Just as I had given up hope, I rounded the last display and BOOM, there it was! Beautiful and rich, the African Mahogany called out to me! The search was over!

On Tuesday, Fred & Manuel from Frelco Enterprises, a "do it all" company, came over to start the job. And, no surprises here, I took pictures!!!

Goodbye old carpet!
Goodbye old padding!

Look at all the tack strips!

Gag! Look at all the dirt from under the carpet! And I hear that is normal! Our carpet was 5 yrs old. I can't imagine what would be under carpet older than that!
Concrete ready- pens out!
Ed and I both wrote something!

Padding gets rolled out!
The first 2 pieces of wood floor are laid!
Jump ahead a few hours and we are almost to the end!
Here is the hearth area.

Fred and Brian came back the next day to install the trim and transition pieces. All was completed by early afternoon.

Floor with trim!

What? No "ta-da" picture? I will put a final "completed" picture up once the furniture is all put back in the living room. That way we get the full effect!!! Yay!!!

PS. Fred and team are super nice, and did a great job. Click on their link (the company name) above if you are in the market for awesome craftsmen!

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