Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas 2010

This year we spent Christmas Eve at Mom & Rogers, Christmas morning at home and Christmas day in New Braunfels with the Jennings / Tieman side of the family. I have a ton of pics so I will just post a few with the highlights of the days.

Christmas Eve-
Ed helps Andy open his gifts-- a new toy and some collar bling.

Clark photo bombed this picture of Roger, Mom and Mason.

Dane was busy unwrapping a new game.

Ed and Rajah wrestle- tis the season, or something like that!

Clark videos me (on his new video recorder) taking a photo of him- classic!

We usually open Santa gifts in the morning on Christmas day. But this year Mason woke up around midnight thinking he had heard Santa. The funny thing is that he was asleep upstairs in his room when he heard jingling bells. Clark and Mason were asleep on the living room floor and didn't hear anything at all. But Mason was correct! Santa had come! So at 12:30am we started opening stockings and gifts from Santa. That led to opening all the gifts under the tree.

And of course, they were jazzed up from that excitement and could not sleep. So the boys and I stayed up until 3am or so.... could have been later. I was fuzzy from lack of sleep!

Santa brought some things the boys really wanted-
The last set of Lego Power Miners to make the complete set for Dane.
Another musical instrument for Mason, "I've got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell!"
Movies and video games for Clark.
We know for sure that Santa has a sense of humor. Check out these shirts he brought to the boys! Ha!

We gave Ed a new game. Does the title represent his personality? I can not say!!!! Ha! Ha!

Dane got more Legos! He is a Lego fool right now which is probably why Santa brought us all Legoland Season passes for the new Legoland being built in Florida!!!!! Wahoo!!

Clark's big gift from Ed and I was an PSP3. He got it a week early so he could have some time on it before he left for his big band trip (more on that coming soon!).

Mason's big gift from us was a new electric guitar he had wanted..... but we tricked him with the wrapping. You see, I got a new 40in flat screen for my bedroom as my gift. We had bought it on sale early but since it was a Christmas gift, we left it in the box. We didn't want Mason to look at a wrapped gift and know immediately that it was a guitar so two days before Xmas, Ed took out the TV and put in the guitar. He added a "To Mom" sticker and moved it to the tree. Since everyone knew about the TV and that it was for me, no one suspected the trickery!

After Mason had opened most of his gifts, Ed asked him to push the big box over to me. He went over to do so. That is when he noticed the label now read "To Mason." He got excited!

Rock on, Mason!

Some time around 2 in the afternoon, we pulled out of our drive way and headed for New Braunfels. First thing in the door we learn that my nephew Phillip proposed to his girlfriend Trina... and she said yes! No date set yet.
Mason made Alyssa work to unwrap her multi-wrapped-layered gift.
Dane got a bunch of Black Lagoon chapter books, which are his favorite series right now.
Mason got new bass drum mallets that were tested on his head.
Oma got a new purple shawl.
Phillip got his late birthday present from us- A framed Rush poster.
Grandad got a San Antonio snow globe.
Grandlally got a wad of tissue paper! Wait, there was a silver Texas cowboy boot wine chiller under all that tissue paper.

Laurie and John showed Phillip and Katrina the traditional engagement pose.

Clark got Epic Mickey for the Wii.
And once again, we gathered for a group shot. Unfortunately, neither of the two attemps came out well or straight but in this one at least everyone has their eyes open.

When it was all said and done, we had a great Christmas. It was calm and fun. Ho, ho, ho!

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