Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Celebrating Friendship

A small group of us girls went to Baby Acapulco to celebrate friendship during the holiday season. I was the designated driver of the night but still had the best time! We were laughing (as you will see why further down) and being silly!

So after 2 drinks a piece, it is time for gifts. Not nice gifts, oh, no! We had a gag/funny/meaningful gift for each other. The girls made me open first.
I got the best gift EVER!! A bejeweled megaphone is what every bossy girl needs! I LOVE mine! On one side it says "Lisa" and the other says "The Boss!" Love it, love it, love it!!!!
And my first mega direction was to our fun waiter, asking for more chips. Guess what we got...CHIPS!!
Next was Shannon's turn. Let me first say that she has a fear thing about squirrels. She is afraid of the cute little beady eyed, bushy tailed critters. She thinks they might eat her face--- Crazy, I know!

Ok, so it's really a dancing singing chipmunk but it is holding a sign that says "I love squirrels" so that counts for something! Right? And Shannon thought it was cute! We wanted her to scream and refuse to take it out of the box! But no! She liked it!!! He really was cute, I admit!

Next up was Michelle. I need to explain her gift first. Michelle is a character like no other. She is a great card player and is as competitive as I am when it comes to Onze- our favorite card game. So one night, while playing Onze, Michelle had a little too much Sky Vodka to drink. She was so funny that night, as she made up new words to describe bad cards. My favorite and the one that was the beginning of the gag gift was "crabbage," a cross between crap and garbage, best we can tell.

Based on the word "crabbage" an idea was born to find a red headed Cabbage Patch doll to turn into a mini Michelle. Mission accomplished! Check them out- They totally look alike, right?
You will note that mini "Michelle Spades Grabbage" comes compete with a run, including a wild card, sun glasses on her head, and her own mini bottle of Sky Vodka!!! Oh, yes, we did!!!!!

Last was Nicki's gift. And let me say up front that Nicki is a big fan of Justin Beiber. She even went to his concert in San Antonio under the guise of taking her daughter and a friend to see the heart throb teen. But we knew the truth! So, we made a special effort to get her gift complete with autograph! Check it out!
Here is what Justin wrote to Nicki;
"Dear Nicki,
You are the heart of my music. Thank you for being my #1 fan. Your emails and texts have been an inspiration to me. All I ask is that you please stop sending locks of you hair and fingernail clippings. That's freaky! I promise to call for you when I'm legal to marry.
All yours forever, Justin"

Rumor has it Nicki has this poster hanging in her bedroom. Wonder how her hubby, Sharky likes it???

Wasn't that sweet of Justin? Nicki was so thrilled she gave him a smooch right then and there!

When Nicki read the autograph out loud, we were all laughing and crying and busting at the seams! I think Shannon may have spit out her soup!
And one last shot of our playful and well tipped waiter, Damon.

Great friends, great food, great gifts, GREAT FUN!

PS- Here is a pre-wrapped shot of the squirrel and Crabbage doll. ha ha ha ha!
Click for a better view!

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