Thursday, January 27, 2011


Dane did a really neat science fair project called, "Bringing Beans Back To Life." It was about re-hydrating beans at different time intervals to measure how much water they absorb. He was able to do the process and steps all by himself so it was perfect for him.

Ed and I helped with photos, typing, and putting the board together.

Here is Dane with his project board outside his classroom on Science Fair judging day. Since we signed papers allowing him to participate in Regionals should he advance, he was judged separately by two different judges today. We will find out on Monday afternoon if he advances. Fingers crossed until then.

Dane's class did a class project about growing crystals. I got a small group of students to pose around their project that was displayed in the school library.
Bean lovers, here is a tip for you! 9 hours in water is the optimal soaking time. Any time beyond that yields very little water absorption. At 9 hours, the bean doubles it weight. Good to know, right?

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