Monday, January 31, 2011

Bayou Mission Drumline Competition

On Saturday, the Parkcrest Drumline went to Houston to compete in a drumline contest. Ed, Clark, Jessica, and I drove down for the day to cheer on and support the Pumas.

The contest was held in a high school auditorium. While it was nice to be inside, it was super loud! It was also dark, being an old school, so it was fun to play around with camera and flash settings. (I took 226 photos! Gasp!)

The opening- These guys played and another guy sang The National Anthem.

Parkcrest was the first middle school to perform in the middle school division.

Mason is in the next two photos.

Parkcrest did really well. They used the full stage, moved continuously, and had great showman ship.

The high school division performed next. There were some really good & entertaining performances and some boring performances. It was all very interesting to see, that is for sure!

While we waited, I shot some more photos of the kids and Mr. Bailey, the director. Here is one of Mr. Bailey and Mason.
The 3 judges picked their top two favorite middle school drumlines and called them to the stage for a "Battle of the Bands." Parkcrest and B.C. Elmore! They each played 3 more cadences, one at a time, while facing off.

In the end, Parkcrest took 2nd place and earned respect for their performance and skills. Our snare section leader accepted the trophy on our behalf.
So we go outside to find the two middle schools squaring off in the parking lot having another battle. Here are a couple of pics of Mason.

Then our drummers marched over to have a group meeting and take a group picture.

Click on this pic to see it in a bigger size.Mr. Bailey sent around an email the next day. It is worth sharing.
PCMS Drumline Parents:
The kids did an AMAZING job on yesterday!!!! After the positive feedback from those in the audience, drumline members from other middle schools & high schools, a $250.00 donation check, 3 invitations to attend competitions held in Houston & Dallas, and the high level of respect from the directors of the winning would think that Park Crest came home with a 1st place trophy. (Honestly, I didn't get this much feedback after we won first place last year)

I spoke with the director of the winning Drumline & one of the judges today, and they could not stop talking about how great our kids did!!!

What's even more important is, our kids were able to have a ms experience that they will always cherish for a life time. From the stage performance routine, to the face-off battle on stage, and on to the parking lot battle. In this style of Drumming, you couldn't ask for a more rewarding experience! I wish I could have put on a drum and played myself!!!

This exposure also helped the Park Crest Drumline form a closer bond, and pull together in moving forward to prepare for the next competition. I wish you could have heard their conversations on the bus ride home, and the level of creativity they were coming up with. During our previous practices, I could only paint the picture for the competition; after experiencing for themselves yesterday, I am sure you we see a much stronger Drumline at our upcoming performances & competition!!!

Thank you for all the support, and a special thanks to the parents that traveled with us!!!!

One kid asked me, "Mr. Bailey why aren't you mad?'", and my reply was, "as much as I wanted that first place trophy, it's difficult to be disappointed after receiving such a high level of respect as we did after the competition."

Our kids made a huge impact on the Houston show style Drumline community.

I couldn't have asked for more!

Well said, Mr. Bailey, well said!

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