Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Family Thanksgiving

It was our turn to host Thanksgiving for the family. We ended up with a house of 20; family and friends, for the turkey day meal.

Everyone brought food with them so we ended up with so much yummy food!!! And a couple hundred desserts. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration. Realistically, it was more like 12! But no one complained!! (I didn't get pics of any of the food or desserts! :-()

During the meal, I read of some Thanksgiving trivia to test everyone's knowledge. As a group, we were able to get most of them answered correctly.

After the meal, we gathered the adults for the quarter game. I didn't get any pics of that either! The kids played their own round of the quarter game. That's when I remembered the camera! I have pictures!
The two game winners!
They each went home with a sagging pocket full of quarters!

Matthew, Mason and Clark took off to the neighborhood basketball court to shoot hoops. Of course, at that moment, we decide to do a group photo on the timer setting!

Getting ready for the picture......
Ta Da!!!
Cousin Kim, her husband Rick, and O'ma
got to visit over pie.
Mom & Roger

What is Thanksgiving without football on? I wouldn't know!
This is what happens when the TV first gets turned on.....
With in a few minutes.......
I guess the gravitational pull is too much for some!
Other family and friends came and went. We played some other games and had fun until late into the night.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 29, 2010

2nd Grade Thanksgiving

To represent the sharing of food between the Indian and Pilgrims, Dane's 2nd grade class shared lunch with another 2nd grade class. Everyone in both classes brought something for the gathering.

The classes sat every other one so they could sit between kids in the other class. The kids made their own place mats and hats.

And let's not forget dessert- Dane didn't!!!

Gobble, Gobble!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

UT Drumline Performance

Mason's Drumline were invited to perform at half time for a UT Women's basketball game. We were able to buy group discount priced tickets so we had a big crowd go to support Mason- 13 people, all friends!!

Texas played against a college out of Louisiana. UT won with a big lead! Here are a couple of game shots taken with my telephoto lens from row 24.

The cheerleaders and spirit team......

The fans!
(Our group of fans, anyway!)

The Drumline takes the court!

I took a bunch of pics of the performance, which are now on Face Book, so I am only going to post the best ones with Mason in them on the blog.

They rocked the house! The crowd gave them a standing ovation! And now they have been invited back to perform at a Men's basketball game and another Women's game this year! To watch a video of the performance, click HERE.

What is a UT game with a Bevo sighting? Not cool! So luckily, we were cool enough and got some personal attention from the great Bevo himself!

Hook 'Em!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The Chick-Fil-A Cow visited our school to promote our Spirit Night on Monday, November 15th. I followed him around to take pictures for the yearbook.

Dane and some of his classmates pose with the Cow.
While the Cow is greeting other students, Dane grabbed his tail.
I took the picture first and then told him to stop!
(Bad Mom, I know! Ha!)

Later, during Spirit Night, I gave Michelle my camera to take pictures while we had our dinner. She took a picture of my table, of course!

Our Friend Kennedy sat at a table behind us. Michelle took their picture too.
Eat more chicken!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Moon Glow

For the longest time, I have wanted to go to New Mexico to watch a hot air balloon festival and a moon glow. I have no desire to ride in one, I just want to shoot pictures.

I finally got my chance on Saturday night! It was small and it was local but I am so glad I went and dragged the family along (except for Mason who was at a friend's birthday party.)

So the entire event was a Veteran's program that was held in the back of Cook Walden Cemetery. They have unused fields that were perfect for the kind of space they needed for the balloons.

It began with a motorcycle flag brigade. We missed their entrance but caught the ceremony with a bag pipe player and Veteran's from the local VFW Hall marching in and performing a gun salute.

See the older gentleman on the left? Something about him, his advanced age, and the song Amazing Grace on the bag pipe had me in tears. It was very moving.

After the formal ceremony was completed, the balloon part began. They gave a brief talk about the parts of a hot air balloon and some facts about how they work. Then they began to blow up the 8 hot air balloons as we watched. The sun was just setting, the air was brisk, and they played patriotic music over the speaker system. The event was so much more than we thought going in.

Look how hot the fire gets! Ouchie Wa-Wa!

We were allowed to walk down close to the balloons. That was very exciting for us all. And at this point it was dusk so the full effect of the "glow" was stunning! I mentioned the music playing so I should add that while it wasn't choreographed, the "glow" would go off and on to the beats on different balloons at different times.

Here is a "glow" OFF picture followed by the "glow" ON pictures. Stunning!

We walked back up the other side of the balloons on a little hill so I could take some more pictures. Here are a couple.

Click on this picture to see it larger.
We will be glad you did!

Stunning is the word that sums up the night! I am definitely left wanting more. A New Mexico Balloon Festival may be in my near future!