Saturday, July 24, 2010

Austin Splash Park

Behind the Palmer Events Center and to the west of Auditorium Shores, you will find the Butler Park. It is a beautiful space with nice views of Downtown Austin. The big attraction for the kids is the Liz Carpenter Fountain in the middle.... basically it is a kid's splash park.

I took Mason and Dane down while Clark was doing a Research Clinic for a study company. (He made $80 for 2 hours of playing an unreleased Disney video game and giving his opinion of it! Sweet!) Mason didn't enjoy it the way Dane did so there are far more pictures of Dane having all the fun. Oh, well!

Here are some pictures from the time we were there.
The water "dances" so you will see it at
varying heights in the photos.

Pictures of the Downtown Austin view.

Supposedly there are 14 free splash parks in the Austin area. I wonder if we can hit all of them before the summer ends? We have been to 2 so far.... only 12 more to go!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Super 16!

To celebrate Clark turning Super 16, we had family and some friends over for dinner. I cooked brisket, creamed corn, pinto beans, and an oil based slaw. Mom brought deviled eggs. It was very delicious!

Clark got a sport's car!!! Not one he can drive though! Ha! But two days before the birthday dinner he did get his learner's permit so he has been clocking in the hours behind the wheel any chance he can get. Watch out Pflugerville!!

Clark's friend party was a few weeks earlier. Click HERE to see that post.

Happy Super SIXTEEN, Clark!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Rock Camp

Mason attended Rock Camp this year. For two weeks he went to the South Austin location to work with a band made up of other camp members. All in all there were 13 bands formed. Mason absolutely loved this camp! He learned so much and had the wonderful experience of working in a band, learning new music, writing a song, recording in a studio, and performing on stage.

The grand finale of camp was a rock concert at Antone's in downtown Austin. Mason had a good family turn out- all of us, Cousin Matthew, Granlally, O'ma and Nanny.

Here are pictures of that event!

The venue.
The band named themselves
"Guns N Feroz's".
Named after another band member's name to
make a play on the band named
"Guns N Roses.'

Mason- Guitar Man.

These guys played "Detroit Rock City" by KISS, "United States of Whatever" by Liam Lynch, and "Rebel Yell" by Billy Idol. They also performed a song that they wrote called "Ping Pong Wizard." They were really good! What a great concert!

Mason loved this camp so much, he informed us that he wanted to go back next summer, before we even walked out of the club door! That's my Rocker!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Cousin Matthew's Visit

Cousin Matthew comes to visit for a week each summer. The boys love having him here and they all get along great!

This time, Mason was at Rock Camp while Matthew was here. Clark, Matthew, and Dane got to hang and play.

Matthew arrived on a Sunday. They guys just hung out and played video games.

On Monday, I took them bowling at Mel's in Georgetown followed by lunch at Fuddrucker's. Clark and Matthew were competitive and bowled to win!!
Game 1
Game 2
We sat in the Rolling Stone Booth at Fuddrucker's.

On Tuesday, we drove down to San Antonio to Six Flags - Fiesta Texas. This was Matthew's first time there! Our friends, the Monica's went with us. That way the big boys could go play and Dane could hang with his buddy Elizabeth. We spent time in the water park while the big boys hit the coasters!

Outside the front gate.

Dane & Scooby

The boys on "The Hustler."
Porky Pig & the boys.
Riding on "The Wave Runner."
Matthew and Clark on "Tony Hawks Big Spin."
Dane, Dana, & Elizabeth with
Flash Gordan and Green Lantern.

Food break!
The Lonestar Spectacular Show.

A group shot with the boardwalk winnings!

On Wednesday, Clark had a private lesson with his trombone teacher at the Butler School of Music on the UT Campus. While he was there, Matthew, Dane and I walked across the street to the Texas Memorial Museum. It was a great way to spend 45 minutes!

From there we drove to Cabella's in Buda to meet up with Granlally & O'ma. We got there first and had lunch in the store cafe. Clark introduced us to fried beer batter cheese balls. He was correct, they were super yum!
From here, Matthew and Clark went to New Braunfels to visit and play. On Thursday they spent the day at Schlitterbahn Water Park. On Friday, they spent time at DZT in Seguin.

On Saturday, Granlally and O'ma brought the boys back in time for them to all go to Mason's band performance at Antone's. (More on that in another post.) We ate lunch at Spaghetti Warehouse
downtown and then came home to crash.

Sunday was the 4th of July. We drove to Waco to meet Matthew's parents, Cousin Kim and Rick. We met up at the Waco Cameron Park Zoo. It is a great medium size zoo with a nice flow around the park. I took my camera back pack so I could switch out lens. It paid off! I got some great animal shots I will display here!
Just inside the front gates.

The Gibbons Area.The Big Cat Area.

Cousin Kim, Matthew, & Rick
The Gila Monster Area.

The Orangutan Area.

The Meerkat Area.
The Elephant Area.
Flamingos & Turtles Area.

The Rhino Area.
The Giraffe Area.

The Buffalo Area.
The Nocturnal House.
The Cheetah Area.
~with the boys in the window~

Rick and the boys spot something in the water.

The Otter Area.

Fun with the camera and shadows.

A Play Area.

The Tortise Area.

Back at the front gate.

We all went to Rita's Tortilla Factory for lunch. We enjoyed the food, fresh made tortillas, and the company! After lunch we said our goodbyes and headed back home.

We enjoyed having Matthew here! Fun times!