Sunday, April 25, 2010

National Anthem

Friday, April 17th was the Pflugerville Relay for Life Event. The A Capello Bulldogs were asked to sing the National Anthem for the kick off ceremony.

That is us in the orange shirts and Mason in purple acting as our microphone stand.

Birthdays' Gone Wild!

So last week, I turned 37! This is not a number one typically makes a fuss about but for some reason (most likely "pay back") my birthday went wild!

It stared off with a surprise yard decorating on the Thursday before. Several sneaky friends went wild while I was at a school event. I pulled up in the pouring rain to find a "cooking themed" yard, complete with forks and candles stuck in the grass, foil lined trees, roasting pans and and cooking utensils about! I have pictures that were taken by two of the evil decorators. (Really, it was over the top in imagination and use of themed items! They did a GREAT job! I am proud that I have taught them so well!) Oh, and be sure to know that the friends that weren't on site helping were texting my location and plans to the ones on site. It was a professional hit, I tell you!

Plastic wrap, foil, table cloth and margarita glasses!

Next came the out of town family lunch on the Sunday before my birthday. We ate lunch and played games. And here is the wild part- I beat my O'ma at Chicken Foot! That has never happened!!!! Here are Wayne's pictures from the day.

So that should be it, right? On Tuesday morning Ed brings me breakfast in bed. When I finally come out of my room, Clark informs me that I need to go "see outside." I peek through the front windows- nothing. I step out on the porch- SOMETHING GONE WILD! My van was hit!! And the first window I read was "Cougar Alert", which made me snort out loud!! Really, I snorted!!!

I didn't find out until later that my sneaky (and still in trouble son, Clark) unlocked my van so they could go wild INSIDE the van as well!) It was masterfully done! Foil on EVERYTHING!... even an old cup and straw from a restaurant. Evil Masters, I tell you! Just look for yourself!

The outside.....

The inside....

A few days later, these pictures mysteriously showed up showing SOME of the wild girls but certainly not all!!!

It was so wild that I had to call a friend to come pick me up to go to my own birthday lunch!

Here we are at Pho Viet for a girl's birthday lunch gathering.
(Yes, Andy IS one of the girls!)
The waiter brought out a birthday treat....something I had never tried before
...... fried ice cream!

Silly me for thinking the wild was all done. Nope, they had one more trick up their devilish sleeve! SILLY STRING!!!

I think I am glad it is all over! But as one friend put it when talking about who was involved, "there are a lot of people who love you!" Hum, love or hate??? :-)

Happy Birthday to me!!

Monday, April 19, 2010


Dane is in love with Legos! He is in the process of collecting the entire "Power Miner" series. While he waits for the next set in the series to land in his lap and the next new sets to hit the store shelves, he just builds anything that comes to mind.

This is something he made for fun. Every time he would build the next letter he would holler out for us all to come see! He was very proud! At the completion of his name, he told me we needed to take a picture so he could make it in the Lego club magazine.

Amazon is the only place I can find that is selling the new Power Miner sets... curious! Check them out here.

Friday, April 16, 2010


The bluebonnet is the state flower of Texas. They are a gorgeous blue flower with white tips that grow wild in the Spring. We Texans are proud of our bluebonnets! If you find a full patch of them, you will find families with pets snapping pictures smack in the middle of the flowers.

I haven't taken the boys' pictures in the bluebonnets in several years. This year I decided we were going to do them. I bought all four males matching white shirts and got myself a new white one too! There were several wild flowers patches I had thought we would go try but once we hit the first one, there was no need to go anywhere else. The bluebonnets were thick, other wild flowers were in the area, we were off the beaten path, and the sun was covered by clouds. Absolutely perfect!

176 pictures later, here are the best!

The flowers

And the amazing shot-

The pets


Boys singles



Boys group

These next three make me laugh...
they were taken one after another....
before, during, and after Andy goes in for the lick!

The parents

We tried to do a family shot with the timer but they all came out badly. But that is ok. I am thrilled with the rest!

Side story- I went to pick up hard copies I had printed for the grandparents. The photo tech was reluctant to give them to me. "Are these professional photos?" he asked. I told him I had taken them myself. He handed them over. "Are they good enough to be professional?" I ask. "Yes! Did you use your own camera?" (like I had borrowed one?) "Yes, I did." He said, "These are really good. I really like the one where they are in the tall flowers." He also pulled out the ladybug picture and called it "a really great shot." Boy, oh, boy! He made my day!! Even though he acted like he wasn't going to release the photos because he thought I didn't own them/take them, he actually gave me a huge compliment! :-)