Sunday, March 14, 2010

Diversity Day at Parkcrest

Mason's middle school held their Diversity Day on Friday. Mason roped Grandad into bringing his musical instruments from around the world to be a session during the day.

Here are pictures from Grandad's third session with a class of 6th graders.

After the "talk," the kids got to have hands on time with the instruments.

Next we moved to the gym for an all school assembly.
First to perform was The Diversity Choir.
They were followed by a Mariachi Band.
The next performer was "Granny" who gave a speech on the importance of diversity.
The next up was the KickStart Demo Team. Now, this was the FIRST time the Demo Team had performed in front of the student body EVER. The 6th graders that made up the team were nervous! They were afraid they would get "boos."

They come out to music and performed a synchronized opening that was super cool!
Then they formed two lines and out walked Mason with his numchucks to front stage. The sounds of "ohhhh" rippled through the crowd.

And Mason went to work!

Next the team came out and performed the Superman Kata to the Superman Theme Song. It was awesome! (Mason wasn't in this part of the performance since he had the spot light with the numbchucks.)

I was so proud of the Demo Team and Mason. They beat their nerves and performed a great show which was recieved with applause- not boos!

The last perfprmance of the assembly was the Parkcrest Drum Line.
They rocked it, ~as usual!
Thanks for helping out Grandad!

Texas Day

On Friday, 1st grade wrapped up a 2 week long study of Texas with a Cowboy and Cowgirl dress up day. Of course I got a shot of the kids from Dane's class that dressed up. And let me tell you, this picture makes me laugh!! Some of them really channeled their inner cowboy! Ha!

Talent Show 2010

On March 26th, our elementary school hosted a school wide Talent Show. Dane & his good friend Elizabeth performed a Nursery Rhyme Skit. The first one was "Jack Be Nimble." Dane was "Jack" and Elizabeth was the "reader." The twist is that after Jack jumped over the candle stick, he sat on it. Then he leaped in the air and ran around the stage with his hands on his "buns."

Elizabeth starts reading from the giant book of Nursery Rhymes.
"Jack" shows he is nimble with a few deep knee bends.
"Jack" shows he is quick with a karate chop.
"Jack" successfully jumps over the giant flaming candle.

The second Nursery Rhyme was "Little Miss Muffet." Elizabeth was "Little Miss Muffet" and Dane was the "reader." The twist in this Nursery Rhyme was that Miss Muffet takes a bite out of the spider after it sits down beside her. (Mason was the spider tamer.)

"Miss Muffet" listens to Dane start the Nursery Rhyme.
"Miss Muffet" takes a seat on the "tuffet."
Enter the spider!
"Miss Muffet" takes a bite of the spider and declares the taste to be "good but curds and way are better."

The skit was funny! The audience laughed in all the right places! Dane and Elizabeth did outstanding acting in front of the packed cafeteria. Bravo!

We have the skit on video. I will see if I can pester Ed enough to get him to upload it here tonight. :-)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

KickStart Tourney

UPDATE: Parkcrest had 23 students entered in the tournament. Out of those students, 10 medals were earned! Mason's team was the only PCMS team to medal and Mason was the only PCMS student to earn 2 medals!

On Saturday, Mason participated in a Pflugerville Middle Schools KickStart Tournament. He entered in the Yellow Belt Team Kata Division and the Yellow Belt Individual Kata.

The tournament was held at Dessau Middle School. First up, Team Katas. Mason, Bailey, and Di'shon had teamed up to form the "Superman Squad." They performed the Superman Kata.

In the end, they placed third and earned a bronze medal!!!

Next came the Individual Katas. All of the yellow belts performed Form 1. The girls and boy were separated so they only competed against their same sex in groups of 15. Each "ring" had 2 judges.

Mason ended up in a three way tie for 2nd place. The three boys that were tied performed the Kata again. Mason and Marcus tied for second again but the third boy scored lower. Next the judges had Mason and Marcus perform the Kata yet again! To everyone's surprise, they tied again! I kid you not! At this point the judges didn't know what to do about it! Another judge from another ring just happened to walk by so they grabbed him. Mason and Marcus performed for the 4th time in front of all 3 judges. This time, instead of giving a number score, on the count of three, each judge pointed to the boy they thought earned 2nd place. Mason was pointed at by 2 of the 3 judges! Wahoo!

Here is Mason being awarded his silver medal.
All four of the boys who placed.

Double Medaler Mason!
It was an exciting morning for Mason. I am very curious to see the medal count from Parkcrest and the other 4 Pflugerville Middle Schools.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Surprise Pirate Party

As our friends have been turning 40, we have been throwing and attending lots of surprise parties in the past two years. After a late December surprise party, Dane said, "I want to have a surprise party." I stored that in my memory bank. Ca-ching!

So, 2 months later the wheels were in motion! We planned a Surprise Pirate Party for Dane's 7th birthday. On Friday night (the night before the party) Dane went to spend the night with Nanny after the Talent Show. We came home and immediately got to work! We decorated and did as much prep as we could till 11:30pm. At 8:00am the next morning we were up again working as fast as we could! And we made it!

The guest began arriving at Noon. At 12:15 to the minute, Nanny, Nana, & Dane pulled up. Everyone stepped out of sight in the living room. Dane came in first and saw the tables and decorations in the front room. He said, "Ummm..." I hollared, "Dane come into the kitchen. I have something to show you." As he walked into the room everyone yelled, "surprise!!!" His mouth dropped open and then he scrunched up his face. He looked around at all his friends dressed like pirates, turned, and ran up stairs. It was funny. He didn't know what to do so he bolted!

I went up after him. He was in his room just standing there looking bewildered. I told him this was the surprise party he had asked for and all his friends were here. I told him I had his pirate outfit waiting in my room. So he came down. He took it all in a second time and then went to change.

From there the party took off. We played several rounds of "Unwrap the Layered Gift," followed by lunch. The lunch menu was hot dogs, chili, chips, blue jello cups (with gummy octopus on top), grapes and drink pouches.
After lunch we played "Pen the Eye Patch on the Pirate." Then we took the party outside. (Hooray for great weather!) We had a treasure hunt to find 6 bags of "booty" to fill their treasure bags.
We played "Grab the Bacon," too.
Then the best game of all- FOOD FIGHT! We had three trash bags full of hot air popped pop corn. Everyone got a cup full to start and then could run to the bags placed around the yard for a refill. What fun!!! No one was immune. If you were in the backyard you were fair game! Yep, that means the adults were targets too... and most of them started throwing it right back! When it was over it looked like it had snowed again!

After all that fun we came inside for cupcakes and presents. Dane had mentioned he wanted a sparkler candle after seeing one at Mason's last birthday party. So I got a sparkler 7 plus six blue candles.
We sang, he blew out the candles, we added ice cream, and everyone sat down to eat. Then Dane opened gifts. He got some great gifts from everyone!

In the end Dane reported this as being his 2nd best birthday ever. The Chuck E Cheese party still holds the #1 spot in his world.

Remember all that popcorn? The birds cleaned it all up for us! How tweet!

See the posted slide show below for more pictures from the fun party! Arrgggh, Matey!