Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wrapping Day

Again this year, we adopted 2 families from my old school, Trinity CDC. This time we had 4 boys and 2 girls.

We were lucky to get one of the same families that we had last year since I had been picking up toys through out the year with them in mind. The second family was new to us but the kids were the same age as the former family. So, it all worked out perfectly! We even have a few things for the moms!

Again this year, we had a Limbaugh family wrapping day. It was important to me and Ed that the boys helped wrap and label the gifts. Terrence & Mom helped out too!

I took picture, of course!
Toy piles for two of the kids.
Clothes and Coats


The gift piles! I like to wrap each kid in their own paper. It helps for sorting and delivering!

I have to say how lucky I feel. Several friends and family members bought and donated items to me for these kids. What a great Christmas morning they are going to have! I have even made them little "stocking bags" with trinkets and candy.

On Monday we deliver to the school. My boys are out of school so they will be helping with the delivery. The families will pick up from there. :-)

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