Thursday, December 30, 2010

Winter Party Fun

So I was up at Dane's school on the Winter Party Day. Dane's class had a breakfast party and book exchange. Here they are doing their thing-

Breakfast consisted of doughnuts, pigs-in-a-blanket, fruit and juice. The kids got to eat with their friends and just be social.
Next was the book exchange. Mrs Kimbell read a book called "Auntie Clause" to the class. Every time she read the word "Auntie Clause," the kids passed their wrapped book to the right. At the end of the story, what ever book you had in your hand, you got to unwrap and keep.


Dane was an unhappy boy when he unwrapped his book. It was a low reader book, well below his reading level- and he knew it instantly thanks to the "level 2" written on the corner of the cover! He fought the tears as the class lined up to go to gym. But isn't funny how things work out sometimes?

I had gone around the school snapping pictures for the yearbook. When I was finished, I went back to pick up my tray from the breakfast in Dane's classroom. Another 2nd grade teacher popped in the class looking for books because a few of her students forgot to bring books for their book exchange.

I offered up the book Dane had opened, knowing he would not miss it at all, and planned to give him a replacement book from a stash I had gathered for him for Christmas. Just to be sure he knew what was going on, I went down to the gym to tell him what I had done.

I pulled him out to the hall and told him about giving his book away and that I had a surprise book waiting at home for him. He was totally fine with it. We went back into the gym. About that time, Coach I said, "Mrs Limbaugh, if you can hang around for a few minutes, you will see some thing fun." Who can leave with that golden carrot danging over their head?

Coach I picked one boy and one girl from each of the 3 classes in the gym. She grouped the rest of the kids and had them in separate lines. Dane and Emma were picked from his class so they went into in the middle of the gym. Coach I put on some Christmas music and the kids got to work "decorating" kid trees. It was fun to watch and fun for the kids to do!

Next, the class joined hands and danced around the kid trees to the festive song, "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree."

When I picked up Dane from school later that afternoon, I had a brand new "Captain Underpants" book waiting for him. He was a happy boy!

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