Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mystery Reader & Sax Solo

Dane's teacher asked for "mystery readers" to come read their favorite Christmas Book to the class. Clark agreed to do it. We sent in 4 clues about Clark that were read to the class before he went.
#1 I can play three musical instruments.
#2 I am a Longhorn Fan and a Star Wars Fan.
#3 I go to school right now.
#4 I have 2 brothers and a little dog that is like another brother.

Dane immediately suspected it was Mason. To his surprise, Clark walked in his class on Wed morning at 8am carrying a Christmas book and his trombone. Clark read my old book, "Santa Mouse" and then played "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" on his trombone.

It was really nice for Clark to do that for Dane.
Later that same day, Mason and the PCMS Wind Ensemble went to Dane's school to play for the 5th graders. I got permission for Dane's class to go to the concert. The band played Christmas songs but they also showcased the different instruments by playing small solos on them. Guess who played the saxophone solo of the Simpson's Theme Song? My boy Mason!!

This is not a high quality video but you get to hear the solo. If the sound gets ahead of the video, close your eyes to listen! :-)


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