Friday, December 31, 2010

Monday Night Wrestling

December 20th the Limbaugh men plus one lovely lady went to see the Monday Night RAW wrestling event at the Frank Erwin Center in downtown Austin, Texas. Mason got 4 tickets to the show for his birthday back in October. We took our friend Emma from just around the corner because she's a huge wrestling fan. For better or worse, though, Emma and Mason had conflicting wrestling affiliations, so the night had a lot of interesting back-and-forth's between the two over who was the better wrestler. Mason favors the Nexus team (the big N) who wrestle against Emma's favorite, John Cena. Although Nexus did not participate in this particular wrestling event, there were plenty of other wrestlers for Mason to root for!

Emma and Mason show their posters before we leave for the event.

The flip side of the posters.

The boys and Emma as we settle in for the show.

We were right there! There were only about 7 rows between us and the ring!

An "I was there" snapshot before the main event!
Align Center
The show is about to start. Cameras fly by overhead!

The first few wrestlers go at it!

And he's pinned!

Grins all around at a great show. The crowd really began to fill in as the main event got underway.

John Cena fires up the crowd during 1 of the 8 really good matches that night! You can see the show on the big screen even as it happens in the ring in front of you.

Some playful teasing after Emma's man won the match!

We watched some really great entertainment that night. I had a lot more fun than I expected to have. It was a tremendously fun production with lots of shouts, cat calls, cheering, and booing. We saw villains and good guys alike get tossed around in the ring. It was 3 hours of jam-packed fun. I hope Mason got everything he wanted for his birthday!

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