Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dane's Music Program

On Tuesday of last week, the 2nd graders of HPES put on a Holiday Music Program. They sang songs about several holiday celebrations. It was a cute show, and they did a great job of it!

Their first performance was at 8:45am. The audience was made up of kindergarten classes and 1st grade classes plus parents that could make it there at that morning hour. I took pictures at this performance.

Dane is the only kid in a Santa hat.
That makes him easy to spot!

The hand jive, baby!
This next segment is called the "Many Faces of Dane." I had my telephoto out and could get in nice and close. He cracks me up with the faces he made while he was singing and while waiting in between songs!

And ta-da! The program is over!
Oh, joy!
The evening performance started at 6:30pm. Dane had a great crowd show up to listen and watch him. Grandad and Grandlally drove in from New Braunfels. Nanny drove over from North Austin. Lizzy rode over with me from the neighborhood. Ed drove straight over from work.

These pictures are some that Grandad took with his camera. (Thanks for sending them to me to use on the blog!)
Lizzy, Sarah, and Dane
After the program

After the program, we went to Pecan Street Grill in downtown Pflugerville for dinner. We had the three silly kids, in the picture above, with us. They sat at their own table right next to us. They had a fun time hanging out together!

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