Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Bingo

On Saturday, we had many of our kid friends come over for Christmas Bingo and cookie decorating. The bingo set had Christmas words and pictures. We had beans for cover ups. We had a prize table with Christmas items, candy, novelties, and some gift cards. As a kid won bingo they would go to the prize table and chose a prize. We also had a poster board of names so that we could keep track of the wins. Everyone was allowed 2 prizes and 1 candy cane, so 3 total wins. After the 3 wins, they could play for fun or go play in the back yard.

Here are some pictures of the fun. Photo credits go to Terrence. I was busy being the caller for the first half of the gathering. (I am going to post one pic of each kid guest either in the bingo section or the cookie decorating section coming up!)

One of the 2 bingo tables.
Vanessa wins the first game of bingo and snags the most sought after (drooled after) prize, gumballs!!
Ed helps Kenneth and Alvin get their game on!
Kennedy goes for a parachute man as her first prize.
Trey grabs a McD gift card as his prize.
Dana is hoping to get a bingo!!
Ian and his Peeps prize.
Clark grabs a chocolate Santa prize.
Lizzy loves M&M's.

After everyone had their fill of Bingo, we switched gears to cookie decorating. Every kid got 2 sugar cookies to decorate.... and lots of items with which to decorate. Messy fun!

Jessica shows off her finished cookies.
Simon samples his cookies.
Sarah and her pretty cookies.
Dane and his smiling cookies.
Courtney made a yummy cookie.
Mason with sprinkle mouth. Wonder if they make a medication for that?
Thanks to the Bingo Elves for helping with the fun!


And Terrence who isn't in any of the pictures!!

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