Sunday, December 19, 2010

Austin Zoo

Last weekend, we Limbaugh's and the Cantu's went to the Austin Zoo in Austin. We had purchased family passes on so we headed out to use them before they expired. We made it by3 days! Whew!

I took lots of pictures despite the bright sun and cool temperatures! We even took picnic lunches out to make a leisurely day of it! It was a nice afternoon!

Have you ever heard a Peacock call? It sounds like they are saying "help" in a high pitched voice. The peacocks at the Austin Zoo were roaming free and were not afraid to get up close! They sure are pretty though!

Bags of food came with the family deal. So we headed over to the goats and sheep for some slobbery fun! Yuck!!

Mason was too cool to feed the animals but he asked for a picture with a giant cement Rooster!
At the turtle enclosure-
Almost everyone-
And everyone-
(except me and Shannon)
We rode the train through the Hill Country. It was so cold in the shaded parts! brrr!
Walking to the train-
Waiting for the train-
After lunch we walked through the last section of the zoo. Here Clark and Jessica are involved in a conversation.
I see lions and tigers and bears, oh, my!
Here are some of my favorite animal shots of the day.

That all, folks!

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