Saturday, December 4, 2010

Academic Night

In coordination with the Book Fair Family Night, the school hosted an Academic Night. It was all about playing learning games for math, reading, and science. There was also a station for art and music plus a diversity station.

I took pictures for the yearbook of all the activities. I got pictures of Dane and Mason with Mom as they went around as well.

Here they are at the 2nd grade math table.

Mason at the science table "musical water."Another science activity table.

Dane at the "discover what is inside the bean" table with his teacher, Mrs. Kimbell.

The "learn about erosion" table.

Dane and Mrs. Russell, his former kindergarten teacher, race to see who can cover the dinosaur in the sand first by blowing through a straw.

A picture of Mason who quickly jumped behind the Super Hero cut out. He was faster than I was, hence the out of focus shot!

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