Wednesday, November 10, 2010


On Sunday, Nov. 7th, we drove down to New Braunfels to go Wurstfest. Shannon & kids, plus Michelle & Andy & kids went too.

The bad news is that I only took my small point and shoot camera. That means bad pics. The good news is that I didn't have to lug around the Rebel and the camera back pack.

So it turns out that other than a traveling Carnival there isn't much to do for the kids. But we still had fun once they figured out they needed to go with the flow. We ended up the the large Beer Hall called Wursthalle. We bought pitchers of beer and Diet Coke, made a run to the food booths (more on that further down.) and claimed a table. The Jimmy Sturr Orchestra had the stage.

The guy in the black shirt on the microphone totally cracked me up! He was so into his singing! He was working the stage and mic! They played a song called "Alice." In the chorus, the audience yells back, "Alice? Who the Hell is Alice?" Ed, Ian, Mason, Clark and I were on the dance floor yelling the chorus tag line. What a hoot!

I danced once with Clark and once with Mason. Ed came out but I wouldn't necessarily call what we did "dancing" as the poor boy has no rhythm!
So the kids thought it was funny to have their pics taken with the pitchers. Here are those pics.

Let's talk food- Between us all, we had a blooming onion, savory potato pancakes (Kartoffelpuffer), sweet potato pancakes with applesauce, pork chop on a stick, curly fries, and fried Oreos. In fact, Shannon, Michelle and I ate the blooming onion while we waited in line for close to 40 minutes for the potato pancakes! Ha!

We saw "Gator The Clown" in the Wursthalle. Dana and Lizzie are in the first pic. Gator was one tall clown!!

Next we went down to the water to let the kids go a little nuts. They threw rocks into the river and played around in general. It was nice because we could still hear the music.

I wonder just how much Shannon had to drink? I count 3 pitchers and 10 cups in her hands alone!

We left Wurstfest and went to a craft show across the street. A few presents were purchased- shhh! Further down the road we saw another outdoor craft show so we stopped there too. Bought more presents- shh!

We drove to Wayne and Lally's for an unexpected spread of a dinner! Lally said hot dogs and beans. It was soooo much more! And how brave of them to host all 14 of us! But they did and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. (Thanks again- if you read this!)

It was a nice outing with family and friends but we adults are thinking next year we go minus the kids. That way we can hang in Wursthalle longer drinking beer and Diet Coke and listening to the music. Perhaps we will drop the kids off at Wayne and Lally's? We could ring the bell and drive off very quickly while the kids stand on the front porch begging to go in! :-) Just kidding- or am I??

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