Sunday, November 21, 2010

UT Drumline Performance

Mason's Drumline were invited to perform at half time for a UT Women's basketball game. We were able to buy group discount priced tickets so we had a big crowd go to support Mason- 13 people, all friends!!

Texas played against a college out of Louisiana. UT won with a big lead! Here are a couple of game shots taken with my telephoto lens from row 24.

The cheerleaders and spirit team......

The fans!
(Our group of fans, anyway!)

The Drumline takes the court!

I took a bunch of pics of the performance, which are now on Face Book, so I am only going to post the best ones with Mason in them on the blog.

They rocked the house! The crowd gave them a standing ovation! And now they have been invited back to perform at a Men's basketball game and another Women's game this year! To watch a video of the performance, click HERE.

What is a UT game with a Bevo sighting? Not cool! So luckily, we were cool enough and got some personal attention from the great Bevo himself!

Hook 'Em!

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