Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Family Thanksgiving

It was our turn to host Thanksgiving for the family. We ended up with a house of 20; family and friends, for the turkey day meal.

Everyone brought food with them so we ended up with so much yummy food!!! And a couple hundred desserts. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration. Realistically, it was more like 12! But no one complained!! (I didn't get pics of any of the food or desserts! :-()

During the meal, I read of some Thanksgiving trivia to test everyone's knowledge. As a group, we were able to get most of them answered correctly.

After the meal, we gathered the adults for the quarter game. I didn't get any pics of that either! The kids played their own round of the quarter game. That's when I remembered the camera! I have pictures!
The two game winners!
They each went home with a sagging pocket full of quarters!

Matthew, Mason and Clark took off to the neighborhood basketball court to shoot hoops. Of course, at that moment, we decide to do a group photo on the timer setting!

Getting ready for the picture......
Ta Da!!!
Cousin Kim, her husband Rick, and O'ma
got to visit over pie.
Mom & Roger

What is Thanksgiving without football on? I wouldn't know!
This is what happens when the TV first gets turned on.....
With in a few minutes.......
I guess the gravitational pull is too much for some!
Other family and friends came and went. We played some other games and had fun until late into the night.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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