Monday, November 15, 2010

Baby David's Shower

Our good friends, Vicki & Jerry, started the adoption process several months ago. On Oct. 16th, David Austin Strother was born! We all could not be more elated for the new family!

I had the distinct pleasure of throwing a baby shower for them. Couple's were invited but only 5 men (not including Baby David) showed. But even without the men we had a huge crowd! Everyone loves Vicki & Jerry!

Two other friends of Vicki's helped with the shower. Jennifer was in charge of the decorations, paper goods, and fruit salad. Dottie was in charge of games and a veggie tray. Two other of our mutual friends each brought a dish at my request. The cake was made by another mutual friend. (Wait until you see the pic! It was gorgeous!)

If you follow this blog at all, you will recognize Vicki & Jerry. Vicki is in my Bunco group and they are both in our couple's group. They are funny and happy people. We have a good time with them wherever we are!

Meet the new iMom and iDad, Vicki & Jerry.
They are wearing the mom mum and dad sock corsage that I made for them.
Meet Baby David! He slept through the whole shower despite being passed from person to person the entire time!! (Poor mom & dad that had the night shift that night! Ugh!)

We had the shower over lunch time. I made a big fancy spread. It was beautiful and tasty!
Here Jerry starts the line.
You can see a little more of the food in this picture.
The cake!!!!
Spectacular, I told you!
(Way to knock it out of the park, Nicki & Betsy!)

The theme kind of developed into Elephants and primary colors. So when I saw this cute stuffed guy, I had to buy it for David!

After the meal, Dottie took over with the games. Ed shot some pictures of people during the games.

Vicki received lots of little goodies as a result of the games!
Go, Vicki!

Let's face it, a baby shower is all about the cute little stuff that drive the females to cooing and ahhing. If there is no pizza and sports, what is there for the guys to get excited about? Well, we came up with a gift just for Jerry, the "Dad Tool Belt."

Ed walked out wearing the "Dad Tool Belt" and made a short speech about how he had been using it for 16 years and was ready to pass it on to Jerry, the new Dad.

Ed handed the "Dad Tool Belt" over and Jerry put it on. Everything in the belt was labeled so he new exactly how the items, a mix of real manly items and baby items, were to be used.

  • Explosive Poopie Containment System (drop cloth)
  • Gunk Removal Probes (cotton swaps)
  • Night-Time Baby Locator Device (flashlight)
  • Midnight Energy Booster (Coke)
  • Splatter Protection (goggles)
  • Lubrication Kit: For best results, change all fluids every 3,000 miles (shampoo, lotion)
  • Potty Training Bribery Kit: Use only with Mom's Authorization (M & M's)
  • Trim and Finishing Kit: Caution, Sharp Edges! Use only under direct Mom supervision. (safety nail clippers)
  • Odor Irritation Protection Systems (masks)
  • Backup Diaper Straps (duct tape)

Jerry had to pull out each item to read aloud to the crowd.

The "Dad Tool Belt" got a good laugh from everyone! Good job, Ed!

Clark took a shot from upstairs. Cool pic!

Of course once most of the guests had left, little David woke up. I made sure to get a picture with the eyes open. He has deep blue eyes! He is adorable! And he doesn't know it now, but he is one lucky guy to have the amazing Vicki & Jerry for parents!
And one last shot with the hostess!


Vicki S. :o) said...

Kudos to the Limbaughs, Jennifer & Dottie for throwing us the most *AMAZING* shower! Lisa, the food was stunning and the house looked great. Jenn, the decorations were too cute. And Dottie, thanks for getting everyone involved with the games.

Thanks also to Shannon & Michelle for all their help. And a big round of applause to Nicki for that over-the-top, beautimous cake. If I left anyone out, my apologies...I blame the sleep deprivation! It was all fun and yummaliciousness defined!

We were so overwhelmed by the turn-out and all the gifts. The Dad Tool Belt will be talked about (and used!) for years and years! And we really appreciate all the CLEAN HANDS! (If you got to hold David, you know what I mean).

We couldn't think of a better way to introduce baby David to all our friends and family! Thanks guys. Y'all are the best! :o)

~ Jerry, Vicki & David

P.S. (Lisa, who drew the short straw and had to clean-up after everyone left???)

Lisa said...

We actually shared the clean up duty. The kids helped with tables and chair too! And we wee glad to do it!