Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mason turns 13!

Mason turned 13 on October 1st. He had a doctor's appointment so after that we had birthday lunch at Sea Dragon then I took him back to school. Later that afternoon, I took up 60 mini cupcakes for him to share with his drumline friends. The cupcakes were gone in a flash!

Saturday night, was the party night! We had 15 guest- one 14 yr old, one 13 yr old (Mason) and thirteen 12 yr olds! We set the back yard up for an outdoor movie party. Ed tacked a king sized white sheet onto the back of the house. We had quilts and low picnic tables out for the kids to eat hot dogs on. We gave out glow sticks too.

The movie was "Dairy of a Wimpy Kid." It was cute, funny, and appropriate for the mixed crowd that we had. Ed, Mom, & I sat out and watched (& supervised) it too.

Everyone got comfy on the quilts, swing, and play scape.

Andy helped clean up the left over food!

After the movie, we came in for cake and presents.

Mason Pie Limbaugh finally got his pie!

And he got a ticket to the WWE Raw show
that is coming in December.

And a funny musical card that had the kids dancing
to the Hamster Dance song!

After that, we herded everyone outside for 30 minutes
of general "tom foolery" and a group picture.

Happy 13th Mason!!!

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