Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Homecoming Mum

Hendrickson's homecoming is October 22nd. I decided to make Clark's girlfriend, Jessica, a mum. I have never made one before so I watched some "how to" videos at "EHow." I watched every single one they offered and got some great ideas. Plus, I searched google for images of mums to get ideas.

I bought all the ribbons and embellishments at Hobby Lobby and Michael's.
First, you make the ribbon boarder that goes on the outside edges of the actual mum.
Then you staple the ribbons to the 2nd cardboard backer circle.
After going through a million staples, you put all three backer circles together with a hot glue gun, add the mum, and wa-la! You have a homecoming mum!
The last thing is to trim up the ribbon bottoms making them varying lengths. The pic below is the final product.
My favorite thing about this mum is the feather boa I glued to the outside and inside edges of the flower. I think this mum will be unique because of it. (Click pic to see it larger.)

I can see how people can get carried away with the amount of ribbon and embellishments. But really, at some point, you can't see it all. What's the point to that?

Clark gave the mum to Jessica on Sunday. That way she will have it to wear to school the morning of homecoming. She was very excited. She said she has never had a mum before. I told her that I know how important the "bells and whistles" are so I added a bell AND a whistle!

I am VERY pleased with how it turned out. Now, I need to make Clark a matching homecoming garter. :-)

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