Monday, October 18, 2010

Fright Fest

Fright Fest is an attempt by Fiesta Texas to draw you in for a Halloween experience. There is minimal decoration and minimal "live characters." Rather disappointing. But it didn't cost us anything to go (season passes) and we went with a group of family friends so we had fun nonetheless.

Did I mention we had Clark and Mason's girlfriends with us? Here they are when we first got there.
Clark & Jessica
Mason & Tori

Here are some pics from the day-
Some of the younger kids in our group-
Vanessa, Dana, Lizzie
Kennedy and Dane

The older kids, a zombie, plus Lizzie
Ed, Lisa & a creature who was CREEPING me
out by rubbing it's claw in my hair!
Ed and Ian on the swings.
The young ones at a trick or treat stop.
Dane as a creature of the dead!
Here are a couple of shots taken after the musical
Halloween show with the performers.
Dana & Lisa with Igor
Dane with a werewolf and a witch.

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