Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fly Guy Pumpkin

Dane created a Fly Guy pumpkin to enter into the library contest at his school. The rules were simple. You had to create a fictional character without cutting or carving the pumpkin.

To begin, Dane chose 3 books from his shelves. We talked about how a character from each book might look and what he might use to create it. In the end, he chose Fly Guy from "Hi, Fly Guy!"

Dane made the shopping list and we went to Micheal's to get supplies. Next, he got to work. Dane did all the painting, cutting, and pipe cleaner work himself. I did the hot glue gun-- and I have a small blister on my thumb to prove it!

Fly Guy turned out too adorable for words!!!!

Here is Fly Guy on the shelf at school with other pumpkin contenders.
There were more than you see here.
Click any pic to see it larger.

Dane was awarded "Honorable Mention" in the "Funniest" category for the younger grades. He got robbed!! He did get a certificate and a prize bag of Halloween goodies. Regardless, he was excited about getting recognized on the morning announcements as a winner. At the school Carnival, that same night, he bought himself a "celebration snow cone." That's my boy!

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