Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Night

A small group of us went around the neighborhood so the kids could trick-or-treat. The got a ton of candy and ran into lots of other spooks and ghouls they know. And with Halloween being on a Sunday, it was a short night.

The gang!
Click on any picture to see it larger.

Dane as a banana!
Clark as a teenager who angered his mother once too many times!
Mom came over to help.
Simon, Ian, & Vanessa
Elizabeth & Dana
Vanessa as a zombie!
Ian as Frankenstein!

Mason went with a group of friends in another neighborhood. In the group picture you can see him, He is dressed as a Pajama Ninja. He had fun with other kids his age.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Fly Guy Pumpkin

Dane created a Fly Guy pumpkin to enter into the library contest at his school. The rules were simple. You had to create a fictional character without cutting or carving the pumpkin.

To begin, Dane chose 3 books from his shelves. We talked about how a character from each book might look and what he might use to create it. In the end, he chose Fly Guy from "Hi, Fly Guy!"

Dane made the shopping list and we went to Micheal's to get supplies. Next, he got to work. Dane did all the painting, cutting, and pipe cleaner work himself. I did the hot glue gun-- and I have a small blister on my thumb to prove it!

Fly Guy turned out too adorable for words!!!!

Here is Fly Guy on the shelf at school with other pumpkin contenders.
There were more than you see here.
Click any pic to see it larger.

Dane was awarded "Honorable Mention" in the "Funniest" category for the younger grades. He got robbed!! He did get a certificate and a prize bag of Halloween goodies. Regardless, he was excited about getting recognized on the morning announcements as a winner. At the school Carnival, that same night, he bought himself a "celebration snow cone." That's my boy!

Red Ribbon Week

This past week was Red Ribbon Week. It is all about teaching kids to be drug free. I took a ton of pictures for the yearbook as there was some little saying and a dress up theme to each day.

I will share the pics of Dane and his class.

Monday was wear red day. I didn't get any pics of Dane or his class.

Tuesday was "Shade Out Drugs."

Wednesday was "Sock It To Drugs."

Thursday was "Put A Cap On Drugs."
There was a door decorating contest for Red Ribbon Week. This is Mrs. Kimbell's decorated door. Scary spiders!!

Friday was "Spirit Day." That meant wear your school shirt day. No pics of that.

PCMS Pep Band

The Parkcrest Pep Band performed at a Tuesday night football game on Oct. 21st. I don't care about football but I had to go see and hear the band- and take pictures.

Mason is seated to the right of Tori
(his current girlfriend).

Close up!
Mason had a great time and was happy to play again at the football game the following week as well.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hawk Homecoming Dance

Clark and Jessica attended the 2010 Homecoming Dance on Saturday night. I was able to get some pictures before they went in. They looked very cute in their matching red.

Clark reported having a fun time dancing with groups of friends and even dancing with Jessica for a couple of slow dances.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Homecoming Mum Picture

I had to meet Clark and Jessica at exactly 4:15pm by the band hall to get photos of them together with the mums! I did it and here they are!

I like this one of them the best but the wind was whipping the ribbons.
I like this one showing the mums the best.
Jessica said no one's mum, that she saw, had the white fur around the flower. Yay!!! Clark said she was very excited about having it and told him more than once today how much she liked it.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Homecoming Garter

I made a garter for Clark similar to the mum I made for (click here for post) Jessica. Apparently the new thing for guys is a small mum attached to the garter.

I am hopeful to get a pic of them both in their homecoming items. Until then, here is the garter.

They really are fun to make. I will be creating them for all the boys and their girls as they go through high school-- because I can!

Hawk Band Pics

Here are a couple of pictures of Clark I stole off another parent's page. She caught him with his baritone prior to going onto the field and his trombone in the stands during the game.

Go Hawk Band!

Pavilion Ribbon Cutting

A big part of my PTO presidency, last year at Highland Park, was getting the pavilion built on the school property. After 3 years of saving money for it, we were able to make it happen last school year. It was started in April 2010, delayed due to permit issues with the City in May 2010, and finally completed in August 2010.

Here are pictures of the process from start to finish.

On October, 14th, 2010, we had a small ribbon cutting ceremony. School staff, PTO board members, and 2 members from the PISD School Board were there. I gave this speech-


I am Lisa Limbaugh. I am currently serving as the Highland Park PTO President. Thank you everyone for being here tonight!

Before we begin, I would like to introduce some special guests in attendance-

From Pville ISD- Mario Acosta

Superintendent, Charles Dupre

From the Highland Park Administration-

Principal, Jose Medina

Assistant Principal, Carolyn Parker

Former Principal, Christie Olivarez

Former Highland Park PTO Presidents- Jeri Ashford & Raul Escobar

Also in attendance is the Boy Scout, who built us 6 picnic tables as his Eagle Scout Service Project,- Michael Ashford

And last, the movers and shakers of HPES, the staff! Please raise your hand so we can give you a cheer!

The summer before HPES opened, a group of enthusiastic incoming parents gathered to talk about their hopes and dreams for Highland Park. One parent mentioned a “shade structure.” It was added to the list.

Jeri Ashford served as PTO president the first year HPES was open. That year the PTO worked hard to get established and raise “starting off funds.”

The second year, as Raul Escobar served as PTO President, the talk of the “shade structure” turned into a vision of an “outdoor classroom” & a place for parents and grandparents to have lunch with their kids.

The third year, with Jeri Ashford serving as president again, the PTO board committed to setting aside money towards a “Pavilion.” They kept to the commitment and were able to bank a large chunk of money!

Last year, my first year serving as PTO President, the board was determined to see the dream of the Pavilion through. By the end of the fall, even more money was set aside. The PTO and Administration worked to pool their money and by winter, the prep work started. It began with plans, approval from the district (thank you!), and construction bids.

In April of 2010, ground broke and the work began. We had a few bumps and delays along the way, but I am delighted to say, the Pavilion was officially completed in August of this year prior to the beginning of the school year.

Tonight we gather to celebrate this shade structure, this outdoor classroom, and this place to have lunch,.... this pavilion that began as a small dream. And tonight we dedicate this completed dream to the past, present, and future student of HPES as name it “The Pride Pavilion.”

Here are pictures from the ceremony. Ed took them.

Principal, Jose Medina, Assistant Principal Carolyn Parker,
& former principal, Christie Olivarez

The posed "before the ribbon cutting" picture.
The 3 Principals & the 3 PTO Presidents.
The actual cutting moment!

Fright Fest

Fright Fest is an attempt by Fiesta Texas to draw you in for a Halloween experience. There is minimal decoration and minimal "live characters." Rather disappointing. But it didn't cost us anything to go (season passes) and we went with a group of family friends so we had fun nonetheless.

Did I mention we had Clark and Mason's girlfriends with us? Here they are when we first got there.
Clark & Jessica
Mason & Tori

Here are some pics from the day-
Some of the younger kids in our group-
Vanessa, Dana, Lizzie
Kennedy and Dane

The older kids, a zombie, plus Lizzie
Ed, Lisa & a creature who was CREEPING me
out by rubbing it's claw in my hair!
Ed and Ian on the swings.
The young ones at a trick or treat stop.
Dane as a creature of the dead!
Here are a couple of shots taken after the musical
Halloween show with the performers.
Dana & Lisa with Igor
Dane with a werewolf and a witch.