Monday, September 20, 2010

Benefit Bunco

I hosted the September Bunco night for my group. After reading this article, I turned it into a benefit bunco to support Pajama Program in the Round Rock area.

It was totally voluntary participation. Any bunco lady that wanted, could bring new children's PJ and new children's books to bunco with them and place them in the collection box I had ready by the door. No pressure!

I am happy to say that as a group, we donated 19 new PJ's and 24 new books. What a great collection!

I will be driving them to a collection location this week.

From here on out, it will be up to the hostess to decide if they want their hosting month to also be a benefit bunco night and if so, for which group they will be collecting! The possibilities are endless and varied! I am so excited about this new directional turn in bunco. I truly hope it continues each and every month!

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