Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday with the Limbaughs

Ed woke up Sunday morning and took pictures of sleeping people. Why? I don't know! But here they are!

Sunday, August 8th was actually Papa Charley's real birthday. So, we had a little celebration for him Texas style!

First, his grand kids sang "Happy Birthday" and played mini-horns for him. Clark played his trombone for him.

In place of a cake, we stuck a big candle in Blue Bell Ice Cream's yummy flavor, "Birthday Cake."
Then we headed out back for some pinata fun! All the kids took turns whacking the bull pinata.

Uncle Tom took great pleasure in spinning the older kids around before releasing them to go after the pinata.

But before Mason could get a hit, Ed yanked the rope the bull was tied on too hard and the body broke off! Mason grabbed the body full of candy and ran off! What a funny guy!
Ed tied it all back together somehow and the whacking started again.

After two rounds, the candy was all over the yard! All the kids got a bunch!

Tom, Haley, & Charley had an early evening fight out. We hated to see them go! Don, Myra, Karon, Andy, & Jenny got to spend another night. They drove off Monday morning around 9am. The house seemed so quiet. It was sad to see everyone leave. :-(

But what a great weekend we had! It was fun to visit, hang out, and play games with everyone! And it was fun to celebrate Ed's birthday and Charley's too!

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