Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Saturday with the Limbaughs

Not only did Ed's family make the trip to surprise him at his 40th birthday party, they stayed in our home so we could spend the weekend together.

The next morning, we all gathered around the breakfast table while the kids hung out.

The morning was rounded out with a traditional Limbaugh wrestling session which included at various points the kids and the dog!

Eventually we all got moving and dressed and headed to Downtown Austin. Our first stop was at Spaghetti Warehouse for lunch.
The two birthday boys were called out as staff members sang to them and delivered spumoni ice cream with a candle.
From there the whole gang walked a few blocks over the Dell Children's Museum. What a fun place! And I have pictures to prove it but this time Ed took the photos.

Everyone found something fun to do, if you count napping in a public place fun!! Ha!

We all came back to the house to get ready for a family photo session. Those pictures will be posted separately in another post. This post is a long one without those photos!

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